08 January 2011

Two things I'm loving right now

(Yes. I'm fully aware that I used this picture already. But I love it. And I love that boy. But they aren't the "two things I'm loving".)
We made butterbeer tonight. Here's the link for any of you adventurous souls that want to give it a go. Delicious. Not for anyone counting calories or watching their diet. But pretty stinkin' yum. I'd say that the amount of brown sugar syrup would really make 8 (or more) drinks. It was pretty sweet and I didn't even use the amount the recipe suggests. I'm feeling like I ate too much at the candy store now, but I enjoyed it while it was happening. And sadly, I'm using that as my one new recipe for the week.

The other thing I'm super duper loving are these new boots.
I usually buy myself a Christmas present. I guess these count. Scott told me a few days before Christmas that he needed another present idea. I'd given him a list but he needed one big present. I searched my "things I want" archives but had a hard time coming up with anything. Until I remember Camper shoes. I love Campers. I discovered them when I lived in San Francisco and at the time, they were the most expensive pair of shoes I'd ever bought. (They're still pretty near the top.) Anyway, I ran to my computer and pulled up the site. Oh, I'd forgotten how much I love them. They're clunky, a little ugly, very European looking. In short, everything I love in a pair of shoes. So I picked out a few pairs, sent the boy links and said that the surprise would be which ones he chose. The ones he picked were absolutely the right ones. I know I'll get more wear out of them than these. They're a blueish-black ankle boot with these odd laces that weave back and forth across the top of the shoe. I love them. Adore them. But I couldn't get these out of my head. So, spoiled little thing that I am, I bought them for myself and they arrived yesterday. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I wore them out for lunch and errands today and they felt like a long loved pair that you've had for years. So comfortable. And they make me so happy. So happy I had to share the happiness with all seven of you.


05 January 2011

Final finish 2010

At long last, here are pictures of the finished quilt that was a Christmas gift for my friend/boss/east coast mom Suzan. The pattern and fabric are by Tula Pink. I bought the fabric months ago knowing that I wanted to make Suzan a quilt but with not much idea about what it would become. I went to the quilt shop with Scott to pick up some additional fabric to make a completely different quilt but he saw this pattern and liked it better. I wasn't so sure at the time (and I'm still not) but I think it turned out to be a very nice quilt. And one of the many great things about Suzan is that she's an excellent handmade gift recipient. She truly appreciates the time and energy and love that goes into something like this. Or knitted things. Or cross stitched things. Or embroidered things. And I've given all of these to her. There is nothing worse than spending days and weeks cobbling something together with your heart and hands only to be met with a lukewarm reception upon giving. That immediately takes someone off of the "make" list for me.
(Yep. That's me. It was super windy.)
And one of the nicest parts was crunching through the snow with the best looking photographer I'll ever lay eyes upon to take these pictures to share. Love.

So here's how I did on my resolutions for 2010 -
If I post them here, I'm more likely to follow them, right? My New Year's resolutions, in no particular order -
1. Lose 5 pounds. Check. But I gained it all back over the holidays.
2. Go to the gym without scowling about it (will help with resolution #1). I think I did better about this one and will try to keep it up for the new year.
3. Cook at home more (will also help with resolution #1). Not so good. I'm going to blame it on all of the wedding preparations.
4. Try a new recipe at least once a week. Yep. You guessed it. Not so great with that one either. Keep it on the list.
5. Make three more quilts. CHECK!! I made 4, I think. Let's go for 5 in 2011.
6. Learn how to knit a sweater. Started. Still working on it.
7. Learn how to knit a pair of socks. Not a chance. Not looking good for this year either. . .
8. Stop procrastinating over the unpleasant things. Making strides. Still not perfect.
9. Start Christmas crafty projects for 2010 early. Like now. Completely failed with this one, as was evidenced by the fact that I finished a big Christmas present on 12/27. Oops.
10. Be generally more fabulous. Could I be any more fab??? Not likely.
Plus a secret one that I didn't post here was that I wanted to end the year as a wife. I had something to do with that but it was really all up to the boy. And I think he made the right decision.
So my new year's resolutions this year are kind of a repeat from last year. Cook at home, try new recipes, be healthier. Plus I want to plunk more money into our savings, clean up my occasional potty mouth (sorry Mom) and a big one is to start AND COMPLETE two sewing projects a month. Keep your fingers crossed for me. . .