27 May 2013

Another spoonful of Butterbeans

Got a bit more done on my Butterbeans quilt this week. As you can see, it's super scrappy times with this quilt. It'll be a riot of color and pattern by the time I'm through. You know this girl loves her hexagons so I was itching to do this block.
And this one I just cut from other fabric scraps along the way. I was too lazy to pull out the big camera so this was an iPhone picture. Not so great. . .

Off to sew more. I have a quilt top that I'm so close to finishing and I have a bee block due tomorrow and a few pillowcases. It'll all get done. Somehow.

Hope you're having a nice Memorial Day too!!

19 May 2013


Have you heard about the Green Tea and Sweet Beans quilt?  I couldn't find a great link to Jen Kingwell's website but just google it and look around the interwebs.  It is FAB.

I watched with envy as many other bloggers worked on it over the past few years and finally spotted a finished quilt and pattern at QuiltCon this year.  My quilty friend Kim ordered the patten and we waited.  It's very heavy in applique which hasn't been my cup of tea (yet) so I loved it from afar and put it out of my head.  Then Kim got her pattern and I got the fever.

We've assembled a group of seven now - and an eighth honorary member who (probably) won't make the quilt.  Since we're southern ladies, we're calling our quilt Sweet Tea and Butterbeans.  A few of us have ventured in.  Several of us have collected and washed our fabric. It's all very exciting.

I went on the annual in-law vacation so had lots of hand stitching time since the weather at the beach was windy and chilly for the week we were there.  I finished the first block above shortly after we arrived and the second block the night before we left.

This picture was almost a catastrophe.  I set up my shot and snapped it and I walked back inside to see how the picture turned out.  By the time I walked back outside, my poor little block was barely holding on by a shell, ready to be snapped away by the wind.  Yikes.

I've got a few more blocks in the works, plus a few big projects that I'm itching to share so I'll be back soon, ya'll.  (That's the butterbeans talking. . . )