06 December 2009

Oh the weather outside was delightful. . .

I begged. I pleaded. Please. . .
And so it did.
Even if it was in North Carolina. Even if I had to leave only hours after this picture was taken. Even if most of this had melted away by the time we loaded puppies and bags and my favourite Converse, now frozen, into the car to head back home. It still snowed. And I was so happy. It was like a winter wonderland. I'm a southern girl so I'm not used to having snow, which is probably why it makes me so indescribably happy. Roscoe liked watching it fall too.

Last weekend, after all of the Thanksgiving craziness had ended, I got our house all tarted up for Christmas. One of the things I gave up with the addition of puppies was any sort of comfort level with putting up a tree covered in tiny blown glass ornaments that have taken me years and years to collect. (Karin understands my trepidation.)
So I've had to resort to this tiny tree, perched up high on a shelf in my living room, plus
these lights in my office in front of my desk, plus
these lights around my kitchen window.
Even Steve got into the spirit. . .

Hope everyone out there is having a merry December too!