31 October 2010

Meet my best friend

My mom. She's crazy. I love her. I don't know what I'd do without her. She's been my best friend for my whole life - the first person I call when something good or bad happens. Did I mention that I love her???

I'm working on a few things - getting dangerously close to finishing a blanket that I started knitting nearly three years ago. And I'm midway through two quilts. Plus so many other things that it makes my head spin to think about it all - including new collars for the puppies that just need to be stitched. But today I'm going to finish decorating for trick-or-treaters and - even though it's close to 80 degrees here today - I'm going to go make some pumpkin soup in my slowcooker and pretend that it's autumn and chilly. . .


12 October 2010

The best day EVER

Aren't these pictures amazing??? I loved our photographer, Amelia from Dreamland Images. I looked and looked at photographers' websites and as soon as I saw their page, I knew they were the ones. She and her cute husband Dan used to work for a newspaper so their shots have a very organic, fly-on-the-wall, candid type of look to them which was exactly what we were looking for. I don't really go in for the typical posed sorts of shots. And I didn't want people feeling like we were being taken away or that the photographer was hovering. Most people didn't even realize that we had a photographer. And that was exactly what I wanted. The pictures are gorgeous. Not that she didn't have great material with which to work. . .

(See the cute tiny little cake topper?) Roscoe & Olive, of course.

So you'll probably notice that there are pictures of two ceremonies. The wedding was planned for 6.30pm. At 6.29 the skies that had been ugly most of the afternoon finally made good on their threat to open up. And pour it did. But we knew this was more than a possibility so a bit after 5pm our unbelievable planner suggested that maybe we do a quick ceremony in the garden so that we could get pictures - especially ones with the quilt - and then we would do a second ceremony after all of the guests arrived. It was perfect. What we wanted initially was a tiny ceremony anyway with just our nearest and dearest - most of whom were there - and then a party. Our wish was granted. And since all the pressure was off, ceremony #2 was relaxed and fun.

Yesterday was our one month anniversary - celebrated with champagne and probably the most amazing cookies I've ever had. (BTW, if you live in the Charleston area, get in your car now. So far I can tell you that I'd hand over most of my paycheck for more Optimistic Chews - a crazy delicious oatmeal/apple/butterscotch cookie.)

I really don't have much to report. Wedding gifts are all stowed away. Thank you cards have been mailed. Starting to think about our real honeymoon next year. Is it better to have a sightseeing sort of vacation or do nothing/sit on the beach vacation? (I tend to opt for sightseeing.) Spain? Italy? Somewhere closer to home? More beachy? On the closer horizon, I think that Mr & Mrs Nerd will be taking a trip to Harry Potter Land in Orlando in December. I really don't want more things for Christmas. And like most men, mine is hard to shop for, so we thought that a weekend away would be fun. And we're Potter nerds. And we like amusement parks. And I want to try some butter beer. More later on that I'm sure.

I'm having a hard time motivating to do much of anything lately. I've started a new cowl scarf about three times with yarn that I bought on mini honeymoon. (And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I know I married the right man. He took me to the yarn store on our honeymoon and sat outside on the porch, pulled out his iPhone and told me to take my time. . .) The scarf is giving me fits. I started this new pattern last night but it just doesn't look right. I'm going to give it a few more rounds to see but I'm not feeling hopeful. And I desperately need to pull out my machine and start sewing. I have several projects that need doing but lately the sofa and TV have been calling. I'm not proud of it but there it is.

Ok. Time to wrap it up. I feel like I'm rambling with not much to say. More soon. Promise.