31 July 2012

Hello from Africa!!

I've been a bit slack posting on the blog. I really expected to do a bit more vacation writing but it just hasn't happened. There is too much to see to be at my computer writing. Too many new memories to make. For the moment this will have to suffice.

Quilt distribution to my Londolozi family went perfectly. I love these people. I love this place.

I love those "ellies" (elephants). More to follow.


18 July 2012

For Trisha

This quilt started out to be something altogether different. I wanted to do the Retro Flowers quilt but realized that making that one in two weeks -  in addition to finishing three other quilts - was never going to happen. In a frenzy, I searched my brain for what else I could make and settled on a good friend, Tula Pink's Field Study.
Instead of solids, this time I made it all in Amy Butler's Lark. I was kind of worried that it might look like a technicolor nightmare but oddly, I think it works. I think it also might be my favorite of the bunch. In fact, there are lots of half square triangles left over from making this that might be made into a quilt for ME!!! I'm really excited to see how that turns out.

The back is mostly a Moda Bella solid. I don't know which one since on the bolt they're only identified by number. The print is also from Amy's Lark line. Love Love Love this quilt. It's another one that I'm sad to see go.

This one was made for Trisha, our camp manager. She's a lovely girl who came to Londolozi from Chicago via Oxford, England and never left. I can't blame her one bit. She's young and gorgeous, the sweetest thing you've ever met, the kids love her and she takes care of every little thing you could possibly need. We adore her.

Ok. Off to bed for me. We're at the hotel in Johannesburg. The hubs is asleep next to me and that's probably what I should be doing as well because we have two more flights ahead of us tomorrow before we get to Bazaruto Island. Happiness.


17 July 2012

For Melvin

  Phew.  I made it.  I'm sitting in the Atlanta airport now waiting to board the plane to South Africa and I'm happy.  I finished the last of the quilts for our trip last night and they're all packed in a bag and ready to be delivered in about 10 days when we head to Londolozi.  
This is the first one I made.  It's for Melvin - our ranger on safari.  He's the wonderful man who is behind the steering wheel of the Land Rover when we go out on our game drives.  He knows the names and histories of all the animals.  He has a way of making you feel completely natural and comfortable with the fact that there are animals that could kill you without trying within arm's reach.  He's fantastic with kids.  He has an easy laugh and a great way of saying "baby".  He makes a killer sunset gin & tonic.  I'm so excited to see him again.  
The pattern was taken directly from the Free Spirit Fabrics website on the David Butler fabric page.  The quilt seemed so perfect - and so perfect for Melvin - that the only thing I changed was the fabric they suggested for binding.  Back is scraps left over from the front, Kona Pepper and Robert Kaufman's Quilter's Linen in Taupe.  
I'll have more to show soon.  How soon all depends on what my internet access is like when I get there. Until South Africa,

08 July 2012

For James

Finally. I've been working on this quilt - either with fabric and thread or in my head - for 18 months. I fell in love with this quilt and fell hard. I printed out pictures. I showed it to my friends. I stared at it and thought. I pulled out my graph paper. I collected fabric. I cut it all out. I made one star. And then baby-palooza happened and it seemed everyone I knew was having a baby. So this got boxed up and put away for when I had time.

Finally, I found time. I made time. I decided that this needed to be done. And I put aside other things that I needed to be doing (quilts for Africa, I'm looking at you) and plowed through and finished. And I'm in love. I love this color palette, which I totally stole borrowed from the other quilt. They were almost all fabrics in my stash but I think I may have bought a few. Background is Kona Dusty Blue.
Love. And I finished it just in time for my nephew's 5th birthday. Almost literally. I tied off the last knot as we were pulling into the neighborhood. I think it was well received by his grandmother, with whom he lives. (In fairness, I knew she'd love it.) As any 5 year old would be, he was more interested in the toys that were also in the bag. My feelings are not hurt.

Bonus! They have a nice big house where I can hold twin sized quilts over upstairs railings for full length shots. Solid here is Kona Medium Grey - my default. And there is some navy shot cotton as the tiny borders around that awesome bunting print from Sweetwater. It's impossible to see in this shot but trust me, it's ADORABLE.

And that binding? Super love. From Lizzy House's Hello Pilgrim collection. Just the tiniest hint of blue in it that really sets it off against the white border on the front.

Plus, I've finally started using real quilt labels. The quilts for Africa started that.

And the status of those other quilts I'm working on? One is finished. I just need to take pictures. One is quilted now. One is being basted tonight. The last two tops are all done so those *just* need backs and quilting. And terrifyingly only 8 days to go to get them all done. Deep breaths. . .