21 October 2012

All that worry for nothing

I won't be auditioning for Project Runway any time soon but I finished my dress yesterday. There are some wonky bits involving the zipper but I'd give myself a B+. I think it's the PERFECT killer bee outfit with some leggings (it's pretty short - at least for me) and a black tshirt + lots of bee accessories.  I'll post pics when I've got the whole outfit on. Too bad I can't enter the costume contest at the party. . .

More sewing underway today. I'm working on bean bags for a carnival game, a block for my MQG and I need to make a quilt back, and get do some quilting today. YEEPS PEEPS.


20 October 2012


Why is this so terrifying? It's just a dress pattern. People make dresses all the time. Is it because I have to wear it out in public? I try to keep reminding myself that it is just a Halloween costume. I need never wear it after the party next Saturday. It'll be dark. No one will ever see it in the light of day. (Except for those guests that show up while it is still, in fact, daytime.)

I've made quilts. I've made bags. I made a duffel that I handed over to baggage people at the airport and all of my clothes arrived at my destination intact.

So why is making this silly Halloween costume so scary???

Back to quilting soon.