25 June 2012


How is it that I come up with a plan for the day and by nearly 4pm, I haven't done what I set out to do??? Yeesh.

I completed this quilt a few weeks ago as a grandmother's quilt. It's baby size. I want to love it so much. But I don't. Not the pattern's fault. I just don't love it.

Pattern was a free one from here.  Background is Kona Orchid.  I used a Cape Ann charm pack for the blocks.  The top came together quickly so it was definitely an instant gratification type of project.
The back is from Heather Bailey's Fresh Cut collection with binding in Kona Cerise.

And with this one, I've finished twelve quilts so far this year. That's as many as I finished in the first three years I was quilting. And it's twice as many as I need to finish in the next three weeks.  YIKES.

Happy Monday!

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23 June 2012

I have problems

I'm too easily distracted. What I SHOULD be doing today is quilting. What I am doing? Piecing another quilt top and making binding.

I basted this quilt yesterday and my goal is to have it finished by the weekend. But this morning when I woke up, I started looking at all of that other fabric that I already had cut. The twitch started. I wanted to see what it would be like to make *just one star*. Maybe I can stop at one but that's not likely.

And further evidence that I'm easily distracted? I stopped sewing to come in and blog about how I'm easily distracted. Back to it.

(For the record though, the stars are for another quilt for Africa, so I need to be working on it anyway. It's not like this is a totally new quilt. . . Three tops down. And I'm seeing another finished before the weekend is out.)
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18 June 2012

Check one off the list

I've actually had this one done for a little over a week now and I LOVE IT. I love the Backyard Baby fabric. I love love love Essex linen. And that striped binding (Lizzy House's Hello Pilgrim)? Fantastic. This is for my hairdresser and friend who is having a baby boy any minute now. And I know she's ready. . .

I probably should've done something to get the wrinkles out before I dragged Scott out to the backyard to get these shots. Oh well. It's so cute it (maybe?) doesn't matter.

Roll call of outstandings -
1.  Other baby quilt finished. I'll post shots in a few days.
2.  Top of twin sized star quilt done. Need to get that quilted this week.
3.  Still in holding for quilts for Africa. One top and back ready for sandwiching and quilting. One top done. One top cut. One top on cutting mat now and will get that one cut this week. I need to have these two tops done this week. One quilt still floating in my head. But we're getting there. Volunteers? Wish I could offer you all a trip to Africa at the end of it. Hopefully pictures will suffice.

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13 June 2012

WIP Wednesday

This one has been on my mental design wall for a long time and I'm so ready to check it off. I'm about 80% done with the top and should finish it up in the next few days. So I can get back to the quilts for Africa, which is what I should be doing right now.  34 days.  YEEPS PEEPS!

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08 June 2012

Fret not, friends

I've taken an unnaturally long break away from the blog. The last post was pretty dismal, I know. And even though I know I have all my interwebs friends hoping and praying for the safe return of my quilt, I'm sad to report that I've had no word of its whereabouts. I've moved on. No point dwelling on it.

I hope you don't all think that I've been crying and drowning my sorrows in some delicious gin & tonics. Quite the contrary dear friends. Here is my somewhat frightening list of works in progress -
1. Baby quilt for my hairdresser's first baby. This one still needs quilting.
2. Baby quilt for another friend. I'm sewing the binding on now.
3. Twin sized quilt that I've been working on for over a year. Sigh. All 35 star blocks are done. This just needs sashing and border. Oh. And a back and quilting.
4. Three quilts for Africa in various stages of progress.
5. And two more quilts for Africa for which I have vague plans.
Did I mention these all have to be done by the middle of July?  July 2012???

I finished the wall hanging above for Mother's Day which happened to fall on the same week the other quilt went missing, which signaled the loss of my blogging mojo. Super easy pattern was from Teaginny Designs. I think the lovely Tammy at Marmalade Fabrics has a bundle all put together for you. Happily, I already had most of these fabrics in my stash. I think I only had to order two. I had enough Kona Snow to do the back but I opted for a sort of aqua blue crossweave instead. It was lovely even though I forgot to take pictures of it. My finished product varies slightly from the pattern. I was cutting fabric and chatting with friends and must have made errors in my calculations because I had to add a few bits on ends to get it to all square up properly, but this isn't really a pattern that needs to be followed to a T. I love it and I think my mom did too.

I found this little quilt on the Teaginny blog last year and knew I needed to make it for her and these colors were perfect. When I lived in California, we used to hunt for seaglass on the beach near our houses. Finding blue glass was a treasure! Happiest of happy days. (Love you soooo much, Mom. I miss those days.)

Back so soon with more finishes.
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