18 September 2010

Tiny sneak peek

I never got to post pictures of the wedding quilt once it was done. My plan for it was something I borrowed from Martha Stewart's Weddings magazine. She ran a little feature of brides & grooms posed in front of vintage sheets. I loved the idea but thought I could find fabric that I really liked and make it more personal. And from that it was just a small jump to making a quilt (which is now proudly displayed on our bed). Anyway, I'm really happy with it. It was one of the few wedding things that came off exactly as I had planned.

Thanks Margeaux for the picture above. We should be seeing more from the official photographer in the next few weeks. I'm trying really hard to be patient. . .


12 September 2010

Finished project - the best one

I'm married. Hallelujah. More pictures and crazy stories to follow. Just as soon as I get some sleep. . .

07 September 2010

Totally, completely, utterly. . .

. . .in love with this baby. And I haven't even met her yet. I can already feel her little soft baby skin and smell her sweet little hair. Welcome Miss Chloe. We've all waited so long for you.