08 September 2009


Every year Scott's family goes to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. For the second year (of hopefully many many more) I'm joining them. Last year, the weather was pretty cruddy. Even though the house is on the beach, we were only able to get down to the water once. You take your chances vacationing on the east coast in September - the height of hurricane season. It hasn't been great so far this year but the clouds are clearing and the sun is coming out - at least enough for us to take a walk on the beach today.

The bad weather means a rolling, churning ocean though. No complaints from me. That's my favourite kind. . .

Lucy is enjoying it too. Honestly though, this sweet girl always has a big smile on her face.
The gulls were dancing with the waves.

We saw lots of "devil's pocketbooks". (They're really skate egg cases but what a great name!)

Should've brought my metal detector. . .

I love this place. It really is heaven. And being here with three of my favourite people on the planet makes it all the better. (Wish you were here to the rest of my faves. You all know who you are. . .)



  1. Good to see you have a restful vacation and have put the camera to good use. I love the pictures and can hardly wait for more. Love Mom