15 August 2010


I don't have much to report today except this -
About a month ago, after eating a DELICIOUS little cheeseburger and fries at Five Guys (our fave!) I felt really mentally gross and realized that with the wedding right around the corner, I really needed to step it up. As we pulled out of the parking lot and swearing to go to the gym the next day, I decided that I was going to go six days a week until the week of the wedding. (As soon as my out-of-town peeps start arriving, I'm laying off until after the honeymoon when I'll need to start it up again to make up for the damage I plan on doing at the beach.) So I've stuck to it. Those of you that know and love me know that when I really make up my Leo mind about something I'm very bullheaded and will stick to it. I did miss a few days when I had to go to NC and Atlanta last week but I've made up for it this week by going all seven days.
I took my first yoga class yesterday. Muscles are hurting that I didn't know I had. But in a good way.
Today after I did 30 minutes on the stair stepper thing, I ran two miles. I did break it up with some walking bits but two miles of running is two miles of running. I haven't run in a very long time and it felt incredible. And I don't know if it's the excitement of the wedding or if it's the endorphins pumping through my bloodstream from all of the exercise but I feel invincible lately. Yay! Which is good because I'm really jonesing for some Cheetos puffs. Maybe after September 12th. . .

p.s. Awesome (FREE!) graphic above found here.

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