31 October 2010

Meet my best friend

My mom. She's crazy. I love her. I don't know what I'd do without her. She's been my best friend for my whole life - the first person I call when something good or bad happens. Did I mention that I love her???

I'm working on a few things - getting dangerously close to finishing a blanket that I started knitting nearly three years ago. And I'm midway through two quilts. Plus so many other things that it makes my head spin to think about it all - including new collars for the puppies that just need to be stitched. But today I'm going to finish decorating for trick-or-treaters and - even though it's close to 80 degrees here today - I'm going to go make some pumpkin soup in my slowcooker and pretend that it's autumn and chilly. . .


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