08 January 2011

Two things I'm loving right now

(Yes. I'm fully aware that I used this picture already. But I love it. And I love that boy. But they aren't the "two things I'm loving".)
We made butterbeer tonight. Here's the link for any of you adventurous souls that want to give it a go. Delicious. Not for anyone counting calories or watching their diet. But pretty stinkin' yum. I'd say that the amount of brown sugar syrup would really make 8 (or more) drinks. It was pretty sweet and I didn't even use the amount the recipe suggests. I'm feeling like I ate too much at the candy store now, but I enjoyed it while it was happening. And sadly, I'm using that as my one new recipe for the week.

The other thing I'm super duper loving are these new boots.
I usually buy myself a Christmas present. I guess these count. Scott told me a few days before Christmas that he needed another present idea. I'd given him a list but he needed one big present. I searched my "things I want" archives but had a hard time coming up with anything. Until I remember Camper shoes. I love Campers. I discovered them when I lived in San Francisco and at the time, they were the most expensive pair of shoes I'd ever bought. (They're still pretty near the top.) Anyway, I ran to my computer and pulled up the site. Oh, I'd forgotten how much I love them. They're clunky, a little ugly, very European looking. In short, everything I love in a pair of shoes. So I picked out a few pairs, sent the boy links and said that the surprise would be which ones he chose. The ones he picked were absolutely the right ones. I know I'll get more wear out of them than these. They're a blueish-black ankle boot with these odd laces that weave back and forth across the top of the shoe. I love them. Adore them. But I couldn't get these out of my head. So, spoiled little thing that I am, I bought them for myself and they arrived yesterday. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I wore them out for lunch and errands today and they felt like a long loved pair that you've had for years. So comfortable. And they make me so happy. So happy I had to share the happiness with all seven of you.


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  1. LOVE THEM Phoebe!!! I may have to be your bootsie twin...