05 November 2011

Not packed yet but ready to go

It has been a hectic few weeks around here. So hectic that I had this little beauty done a week ago but haven't had the time (or energy, honestly) to sit down at my desk and string words together for a blog entry.  Last week the Halloween party that I've been planning for most of the year finally happened. We ended up with nearly 300 guests! Sunday I told Scott that I planned on not getting off of our sofa all day - and I was almost successful at doing just that. The only productive thing I did manage to accomplish was finishing this bag. Which is just fine with me.

On Tuesday I got pulled into planning a victory party for a mayoral candidate here in Charleston. He is the one most likely to win but nothing like waiting until the last minute for that. Wednesday I volunteered for a few hours at the Coastal Carolina Fair sitting at my local quilting guild's table. Silly me, I forgot to take anything to work on so it was a LONG three hours. And I realized that if you weren't doing some sort of handwork, no one wants to approach a table with two bored looking women. . .

This week I'm off to NYC for a few days roaming the city with some high school girlfriends. I'm counting the days. Hello Purl Soho and City Quilter - be warned. . . . And I'll be traveling in style -

I love this bag more than I can say. (Pattern is Simplicity 2274 or you may be able to find it here. Exterior fabric is discontinued Echino.) I did have some tricky times around the bottom corners, but I anticipated that and put those tricky corners where they were least likely to be seen. And two zippers people! Miraculous!  I can't wait to start loading this cute thing up with boots and jeans and sweaters.
I couldn't have found a more perfect lining. (I love you Jay McCarroll!!)

I'm still working on a handbag to carry so hopefully I'll have that all done by this weekend. All I have to say about it so far is that there are 33 individual pieces that I had to cut for it and each one had to be interfaced. Bleh.

I still have pics of the slog along hexagon quilt to take and post. I know they were due on the 1st but the week just got away from me. And I have another secret surprise quilt that should be done today (HOORAH!) that maybe I can post later in the week when it makes it to its new home.

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  1. What an awesome bag! I'll have to check out that pattern.

  2. Love that bag, I think I need one of those for me too. I'm in some crazy bag fix right now, and this is just whats needed.

  3. What a terrific bag! It will be perfect for that fun trip to NYC!

  4. Beautiful! I've had this pattern stashed for a while now and this makes me want to dig it out! :) Thanks for linking up to {Sew} Modern Monday and have a great week!

  5. Very very cool bag--and hey! I'm going to NYC NEXT week, so be sure to come home and post everything you did so I'll know what to go and see.

    Your bag will be terrific for a visit to the Big Apple--I'm impressed as my bag is still in the planning stages.

    Elizabeth E.

  6. Great bag! I love Echino. It's awesome!

  7. Hey girly, catching up on your blog today- I really enjoy looking at your creative work! Love,Denise Funk

  8. Hi!
    Wondered if you had a good time in New York City--we went a week after you and had a great time rolling around the city, even though it was a bit rainy a couple of days.

    Happy New Year!
    Elizabeth E.

  9. I had an AWESOME time in NYC. Never long enough but I was still ready to come home. Don't like to be away from my boy & puppies for too long. . . Maybe I'll get around to blogging about it this week. Maybe.