22 January 2012

Easily distracted

On the weekends, my favorite way to start my day is on the couch with some knitting or hand sewing, trashy TV (not too trashy - like Ugly Betty or Gilmore Girls), a BIG cup of coffee or two and my best two short friends.  Today was the perfect day for all of that.  The puppies let me sleep until nine and when I got up it was grey & rainy out.  Perfect.

So the project perched in the bowl?  That's a hat I started yesterday.  I'll give you my feelings about that later but let me just say now that when the yarn arrived in my mailbox on Friday, I ditched the pair of socks and sweater that I should have been knitting and started winding the skeins into balls.  I worked on it for a few hours last night am probably about 1/3 through.  Then this morning, I woke up with this wild hair and a memory of a silly project I bought yarn for back at the end of the summer.  I got the yarn, tucked it away and pretty much forgot about it.  Until today.  It was supposed to be  a little silly part of a forgotten Christmas present but a dream I had last night reminded me.  So I pulled that white yarn out this morning and got to work.  I've made good progress and by the end of the evening, I'll be done with all but the finishing touches.  I'll post pictures when I'm all done.

Oh.  And that hat, it's not far behind.  Quick knit.  Love the pattern.  But not as much as I love my knitting buddies. . .

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  1. Gilmore Girls is my guilty pleasure. It's always on in the background when I sew. In all honesty, I think it was one of the best written shows on television from that time.