02 February 2013

I'm going. . .

The Modern Quilt Guild is hosting a linky party for those of us lucky enough to be going to QuiltCon and I thought that I could introduce myself to my fellow QuiltCon attendees and reintroduce myself to my blog at the same time (since I've been absent for ever-so-long).

My name is Phoebe Harrell. I frequently lie about my age so I won't do it here as well. I just won't say it at all. I'm heading into my fourth year of quilting - and I can't imagine life without piles of fabric now. Here are five things you maybe didn't know about me -

1.  I grew up in Georgia and lived there most of my life. In 1999 I moved to California - just south of San Francisco - and loved every single minute of the two and a half years I was there. I miss living in California daily. I'm lucky enough to live in Charleston, South Carolina now and I love this strange, quirky little town. I will never live away from the coast again. Ever. Unless I can move to South Africa. But wait - I can't take my little dogs. They'd be eaten by lions. Never mind.

2.  I am a coffee FIEND. If I had a substance abuse problem, that would be it. I have one huge cup in the morning and then another huge cup at night about 9pm. Sometimes I have espresso during the day. Mostly it doesn't affect my sleep. . .

3.  I didn't learn how to drive until I was 24 years old. I just never had much interest. When I was a teen, all my friends knew how to drive and were so happy to do so that they would take me most everywhere. In early adulthood, I lived in downtown Atlanta and was surrounded by mass transit options. I learned to drive against my will and have never looked back. I now spend a great portion of my working day in and out of my car. Go figure. And I love my little MINI Cooper. Love.

4.  I love my MINI so much that I ordered him online, waited nearly two months for him to sail the Atlantic and sent out 30 handmade baby announcements when he arrived. His name is Bene - which in Italian means good. Because he is soooooo good.

5.  I have two tattoos - one small heart on my left collarbone that says "MOM" and Africa on my right ankle. I thought long and hard about both. Planned. Plotted. Drew tester tattoos and lived with them for weeks to make sure they were right.  I love them.  It's not for everyone but I don't regret either of them. They are who I am. Ubuntu. And I didn't understand the tattoo addiction until I got my second one. And now I think I need 47 more. . .

I'll be heading to QuiltCon with 7 other lovely ladies from my guild. I was fortunate enough to get into all three classes that I had dreamed about - Kitchen Sink Patchwork Skirt with Jay McCarroll on Thursday, Composing a Quilt with Anna Maria Horner on Friday and Improvisational Patchwork with  Denyse Schmidt on Sunday. I'm going to need to carry a paper sack for hyperventilation purposes at all times. I hope I get to meet lots of you there.

Happy Saturday!


  1. Me neither!! I can't believe it's almost finally here!!!!

  2. Hi Phoebe, I have been enjoying reading all of these fabulous posts about fellow QuiltCon attendees. We'll be in the AMH class together on Friday - I am SO excited I think I might pee my pants :) Today, I just learnt what Ubuntu means - it is so very beautiful.
    I look forward to seeing you in two weeks. Jules

  3. Hi Phoebe, hope to meet you in person at QuiltCon!

  4. You must bring back many tales and photos to me!