19 June 2009

A tuffet for Her Tiny Highness

It's so gratifying when you make something for someone and they love it exactly as much as you hoped they would. This time it was a no brainer. Lately at bedtime, Little Miss Olive has discovered pillows are great for sleeping. Sometimes she wants to sleep on top of them, tuffet style. But her favourite seems to be climbing inside the pillowcase and using it as a sort of sleeping bag. After making pillowcases for us and having her appropriate Scott's before he even got to put his head on it, I decided that Little Miss needed her very own. This one is made out of the sweetest fabric from Heather Ross's "Lightening Bugs and Other Mysteries" and "West Hill" collections. The orange band at the end has little dogs on it! I used a basic pattern from a class I took at my LQS. It's so soft that I almost want to nab it right back. . .

1 comment:

  1. How well I remember making you a pillowcase, or rather embroidering it with your name. And how you loved that pillow and dragged it all over town. So maybe your childhood memories have seeped back into your heart and now you are making memories for your little ones. Love, Mom