20 June 2011

Bags! and blocks

Ok. So it's really just one bag, but it's cute! I think I love bags now and want to make lots - because I have so much free time. . . This one was a free pattern I found here. Super easy. I had a fat quarter of this awesome Jay McCarroll fabric (love you Jay!!) and I wanted to do something special with it. This seemed like the perfect little bag. The pattern calls for a little decorative button detail but I scrapped that and went with piping instead and I'm pretty happy with that decision. And this was my first project with pleats! And a magnetic snap! (The snap I used was WAY too heavy for this fabric so I've ordered some smaller ones and think I'll probably end up doing some deconstruction and repair when they arrive.) The only change I would make to the pattern - and I sort of knew this going in - is that I would add interfacing to the handle. I thought about this and added canvas as interfacing to the body of the bag to give it sturdiness but completely forgot to do anything when I got to the handle. I may have to correct that when the snap switch happens. Overall, I'm very happy with the way it turned out.

On to the Farmer's Wife blocks of the week -
Still loving it. Here are last week's blocks. I think I've determined that I need to do three blocks a week to finish close to everyone else. And for the next few weeks I think I'm going to aim for at least four to make up for the time that we'll be away next month. My fave from last week is the ninth one called Box.I thought I was outsmarting the pattern my making those prints one big triangle instead of two smaller ones, but that's what I get for thinking. I had to do a tricky bit of work to get it all seamed up properly but I think it worked out ok. I'm happy with it anyway. I'm ready to tackle this week's blocks, even if they seem to be full of little fiddly bits of triangles. But I'm having lots of fun digging through my stash and finding fabrics that I'd forgotten that I owned. Oops. . .

7 Birds in the Air

8 Bouquet
9 Box

10 Bowtie

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  1. Your farmer's wife blocks are wonderful! And that bag is lovely.