09 June 2011

Farmer's Wife Sampler - reporting for duty

I sat down last night for a good long time at my sewing machine (probably too long) and whipped out these little babies - three for last week and three for this week.  Now I'm all caught up.  I know that lots of people are hopping around but I'm going in order.  I figured I'd just take the crappy ones (like the two with curves) as they come and work out fabric choices along the way.  The original sampler quilt is pretty scrappy so I figure mine will be too.  I'll just choose whatever makes me happy in the moment and hope that the sashing ties it all together in the end.  Here we go - 
#1 - Attic Windows
#2 - Autumn Tints
#3 - Basket
#4 - Basket Weave
#5 - Bat Wing

#6 - Big Dipper



  1. Really super cute! Don't you love the stories too!

  2. i love your blocks, but i think i already mentioned that on a few of them :)
    thanks for stopping by my blog!