21 September 2011

Scary hands

Sorry for the weird disembodied hands picture. No good way to take a picture of gloves really.

This was my last beach finish, and I'm going to claim them as such since I finished them Sunday night. Since I hadn't gone back to work yet, I'm going to say that I was still *technically* on vacation. I know that's pushing it but whatevs.

Super quick and easy. I've been meaning to make some fingerless mitts for a long time but that thumb thing scared me. Now that I've done them, I know how crazy that was. Pattern found here and, especially for my friend Sue, the yarn used is KnitPicks Imagination Hand Painted Sock Yarn in Frog Prince. I'm not sure I'm entirely 100% in love with the color but it's growing on me.

I started the gargantuan king sized hexagon quilt. 1083 hexagons total, 16 down. Just to make matters worse, I calculated how far along I was. 1.4%. Yeeps. And my friend Sue (who almost wasn't my friend after she pointed out this nasty little fact) was that the 1.4% was just for my quilt top. Not backing. Not quilting. Not binding. (She didn't really point this out. I knew it already. And even if I hadn't, that wouldn't have been a reason to unfriend Sue.) No idea how I'm going to quilt it yet. I've got lots of time to let the ideas marinate. Pics to follow soon.



  1. Hi there. I was revisiting the small blog meet up and came from there. Love the hand warmers. I am a knitter too, Look forward to seeing more.

  2. So sorry...I'll try and be more encouraging. Go Phoebe Go!!! Keep on stitching!!! I'm sure your grandkids will love to help you with the quilting :P

    I DO love those mitts and really appreciate the yarn info!

  3. No grandkids for me. Roscoe and Olive are fixed. . . : )