01 October 2011

A long way to go

This is the start of a story about how this -

became this -

which would soon become lots of these. I can't imagine why these colors are so far off. We even tried pulling it into photoshop to correct the color and those pomegranate hexies will only look some form of red. Rest assured, those are pomegranate - a really lovely deep fushia. And on either side is a charcoal grey and a medium tone grey. I think I'm going to have to get it into sunshine so that you'll really be able to see the color. But I'm trying to keep to the goal of posting about this project at the first of every month and I don't want to smash my goal on the very first month.

AAAAHHHHH!! As much as I love my Go! Baby cutter, there is so much waste!

Facts -
1.  There are 1083 hexagons in this quilt top. I've made 36 so far so that means I'm 3.3% through the top.
2.  I'm doing all of these by hand.
3.  My plan at the moment is that I want to quilt these by hand. We'll see if I'm still up for the challenge when I finish the top.
4.  It's will be king sized when it's all done.
5.  The fabric is (in order from right to left) Kona cotton in Bahama Blue, Aloe, Medium Grey, Pomegranate, Charcoal and Bahama Blue again. I'll also be using Peacock but haven't gotten to that strip yet.
6.  I'm already starting to question my sanity and ask who thought this was a good idea and why did my good friends not stop me/have me committed?

All that aside, I think I'm in love with it, even if it is completely exhausting and I still have 96.7% left to go.
(I love the way the shadow echoes the side of the fabric.)

That's it for now, peeps. I'm off to cut more fabric for yo-yos and another secret-ish quilt and get a little closer to finishing MY VERY FIRST SWEATER!!!  Yippee!!!!


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  1. Wow. You have about a million times as much patience as I do, but it is going to look incredible when you are done! Love the colors you've chosen!

  2. A queen sized hexie quilt by hand! That's quite an undertaking. Best of luck to you!

  3. You are brave! And it will definitely be worth it in the end. Great colour choice by the way (they all match when they're "off" so they must also go when they are "on")!