16 October 2011

Not a lazy Sunday

I'm finally getting around to working on this quilt again. I'm not sure what the hold up has been but I've had this total block against it. Plus all this week I've been in a totally crappy mood - so my poor little Bernina hasn't been on since last weekend - but it seems that's behind me now.

I should be finished with the quilting in a few hours and then can plop myself on the sofa with hours and hours of hand sewing that binding on ahead of me. With all of the handwork I've been doing lately I'm getting much speedier at my stitches. My plan is to have this all finished so that I can take it to my guild splinter group meeting on Tuesday.

Unfortunately, I never made a chance to call in on the Farmer's Wife this week so it looks like next week I'll be working on the double double.



  1. I like the green colour with the stitching and the litle star colours blending in.