30 April 2012

Meet Vera - WARNING! Picture heavy post!

Meet Vera. A few weeks ago when I was having a sewing day with my pals, they were all talking about how much they loved their Featherweights. When Scott came to pick me up, I announced that I knew what I wanted for Christmas. His eyes got big and asked if I was really asking for "another sewing machine". I explained that owning a Featherweight wasn't the same thing as having "another sewing machine". It was different. It's like a working piece of art.
When we got home, I googled it so that he could see what I was talking about and he said "Oh. I think my mom has one that belonged to my grandmother." Since we were coming home the very next weekend, I had him make some calls and it turns out that the machine belonged not to his grandmother, but to his great-grandmother. Vera. We had to do some digging but found her in the attic. I'm not sure she'll ever run again. The rust is extensive and her flywheel won't make a complete turn. At this point, I'm hoping I can get her cleaned up and maybe some restoration. Look how pretty she is.

We also have this cabinet. I don't know if it is original to the machine but it seems like it is in fairly good shape.
There were lots of lovely finds in the drawers here, like an old fountain pen, many wooden spools of thread, a tiny oilcan, a screwdriver and a tiny pair of pliers. And this box of feet and attachments.

This book was also in the drawer. I'm guessing it came with the machine. It is dated April 1921. There are little handwritten notes in there about adjusting the tension and such.

And this machine was in the cabinet. It is still at his parents' house, along with the cabinet which I'll retrieve at a later date.

What do you think? Is it possible that I'll ever get Vera fixed up? Is this other 1975 Singer worth having too? I think Scott caught the bug now and wants me to bring them both home. He says that since the modern quilting movement has caught on that these old machines could start being collected like classic guitars. Leave it to a boy. . . but as long as he will indulge my new obsession, I'm a-ok with whatever comparison he wants to make.



  1. Wonderful sewing machine - especially since it was in the family. I have my mother's featherweight and I absolutely love it. They are very hardy and fairly easy to work on.

  2. Oh Vera is beautiful...she may only need a little oil....like us all when we get a bit old. Singer is lovely too...but then I have a soft spot for singers!

  3. Oh, how wonderful!
    Vera is either a 127 or 128. I run two 28s (the earlier version of the 128) and they are unstoppable.
    You can download Vera's manual for free at the Singer site and the Adjuster's Manual, too. Go grab them and give her a good oil; maybe even a creeping oil and see how she does. You might be pleasantly surprised! And, if you email that serial number to Singer, they will tell you what day she rolled out of the plant.
    Also, the cabinet looks right. I think you've got a nice memento!