25 June 2012


How is it that I come up with a plan for the day and by nearly 4pm, I haven't done what I set out to do??? Yeesh.

I completed this quilt a few weeks ago as a grandmother's quilt. It's baby size. I want to love it so much. But I don't. Not the pattern's fault. I just don't love it.

Pattern was a free one from here.  Background is Kona Orchid.  I used a Cape Ann charm pack for the blocks.  The top came together quickly so it was definitely an instant gratification type of project.
The back is from Heather Bailey's Fresh Cut collection with binding in Kona Cerise.

And with this one, I've finished twelve quilts so far this year. That's as many as I finished in the first three years I was quilting. And it's twice as many as I need to finish in the next three weeks.  YIKES.

Happy Monday!

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