10 July 2009

Just what I needed

What does every girl need when it's summertime in Charleston and the thermometer hovers in the 90s and the humidity makes it feel like you're wading through water? A wool scarf, of course!
I didn't watch much TV for several years and then I fall in love with a TV fool. I get antsy if I sit on the couch moving nothing but my eyes for several hours. Not that knitting counts as a physical activity of course, but at least I feel like I'm doing something productive while I'm watching Lost/American Idol/NBCs Thursday night lineup/all the Bravo reality shows I can stand.

I bought tons of this beautiful handpainted Koigu KPPPM wool a few years ago to make a blanket that still isn't quite finished. (Spending months knitting a very elaborate beautiful wool blanket and living in a house with puppies with nails and teeth seemed a pointless exercise, at least until they got a little older.) Some of the colours didn't quite seem to fit so they've been put aside. I got itching to use some about a month ago when I found them squished in my stash but I couldn't knit anything else until the baby blankets were finished. This scarf has been my TV project for the last few weeks. It's really lovely. I learned how to do short rows finally and I love the look. I'm not sure if I'm keeping it yet or passing it along, especially since I've spotted another orphaned skein in a different colourway that I may like better. . . I'm such a fickle girl.

(BTW, congratulations are not in order. It's just a really unflattering shirt and I didn't realize how unflattering until I saw these pictures. Scott assures me that is cuter than it looks here but I think it's destined for the Goodwill pile.)

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