09 July 2009

Our new toy

I've been mostly unhappy with the quality of the pictures I've been getting from my old camera. It's a fine little point and shoot jobby - great if you're going to Disneyland for the day and you want to take pictures of your wacky cousins on the teacups - but not so great for taking pictures of most other things. Everything just felt flat. And I was reading a book by another blogger and she waxed poetic about her camera and about how we should all take pictures every day because you never knew when you were going to get THE shot. With my old camera, I was never going to get THE shot. So Scott and I started doing a little research and went to look at cameras last weekend. I wanted to buy one right away. Mr Sensible (because God knows I need someone to talk me back from the ledge sometimes) said that we should go home and do a bit more research. I pouted. I kicked things. Maybe I cried a little bit. And last night, he gave in and we are now the proud owners of a lovely Nikon D60 DSLR. I have lots and lots to learn about how to operate this baby and I think Scott and I will have the flash vs. no flash battle for days to come, but I'm so much happier already. And who were the subjects of our first pictures? Hmmmm. Can't imagine. . .

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