29 July 2009


I've been meaning to post these pictures all week but have been overly occupied. Here's how I spent my lazy Sunday -
babysitting the sweet angel baby James (and really, could that face be any more angelic??),
and his dog-sister Beretta, who so sweetly offered to model my latest knitting project. I started knitting a blanket two years ago when knitting was still New! and Sparkly! I bought 15 (!!!) skeins of this ecru cotton/wool blend plus a few skeins of coloured yarn to mix in randomly. As a brand new knitter, I picked seed stitch (knit one, purl one) as the stitch I wanted to do. It was easy, alright? Anyway, I got 95% through one skein and was bored and thought I'd alternate this project with others and it got tucked away in a bag and shoved to the back of the closet, never to be heard from again. Since I've been knitting blankets for everyone else, that got me to thinking about this. I pulled it out and started working and I'm bored. Again. Plus I started worrying about what a cotton/wool blanket would do when laundered. So I knitted this little washcloth on Sunday while James was sleeping to do a test run through the wash. I'm happy with the results but I still have to determine what I'm going to do stitch wise. I may just vary my stitches every few rows because 6 feet of ecru seed stitch is enough to make a girl never want to knit again, see?

Here's the other sweet face that has appeared in my house this week -
My 17 year old brother Will is visiting from Southern California. He's a funny kid and we're really enjoying having him here. Plus, the Nintendo Wii is finally getting some use. . .
(Love the matching shorts.)

Apparently the controllers need to be recalibrated every few minutes.
Never had to do that with Atari joysticks.

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