18 March 2012

Quilt for Wilkes

Oh my. A new obsession. I made this quilt for a friend's baby (idea 100% borrowed from here) and I can't stop. I'm obsessed. I've made two more this weekend out of scraps from another quilt that I'm working on. I should be finishing that quilt but the obsession took over. More on those later.

All fabrics are Kona cottons - snow, cactus, ash, medium grey, coal and pepper. Squares finished at 4". No pattern except using the link above for inspiration. It's hard for me to be random but I think I did a pretty good job. I chain pieced pieces as I picked them up until I had blocks of four squares. I waited until then to do a layout just so that I made sure that my acid greens and nearly blacks weren't too clumped up. You could play around with the layout forever, switching blocks here and there, but at some point you have to call it done. Scott came in and eyeballed it with me and I think we only ended up making two swaps. I really like some of the random things that happened on their own, like those four white triangles coming together to form one big white on point square. I really do love it. And as I was looking at the two tops I pieced last night, I think I have more of this quilt in me. Maybe even one that will stay with me.

And this fabric on the back? Totally fab. From the Backyard Baby collection by Patty Sloniger.  I thought the super modern, sort of hard front needed some softening.

Can't you feel the breeze blowing? Don't you want to sit down next to that puppy and give him a good scratch between his ears? I do. Love.

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  1. Love it! So cool and the back is adorable, great choice!

  2. So cool - I have a friend who likes hot pink so I am thinking of making one like this for her!

    1. Kirsten - prepare to be addicted. . . I want to make lots more and hang them all over my house. Ok. Not really. Maybe. : )

  3. love it. I'm thinking an HST quilt is on my horizon, I love what you did! The backing fabric you used is one of my favorites and I have some I've been saving for just this very project! It's so pretty Phoebe!

  4. I love the colors, this is my new favorite combination!! Great quilt!!

  5. I love quilts in this style. looks great!

  6. Love it!
    I was also inspired by the same quilt and made one with similar colors to the original. I played with those blocks for at least an hour till I liked the layout. Love how things just happen when you move them around. I too think I have another of those quilts waiting to be made......(LOVE your colors too, btw)