23 August 2012

All together now

Now that is the reaction you want when you give someone a quilt! (Especially a man!!!)
Or maybe this? Wrapping it around superhero style??? (P.S. I love Melvin. He is a HAM, with or without a camera around. Like a leopard, always posing for a picture.)
Smiles like this one work too. Isn't he gorgeous?
Here are all my pals (plus little man James) wrapped up in so much of my hard work and love.
And from the back.
And with me. All of the time and work and fretting was totally worth it. The quilts were received exactly as you dreamed they would be. And it makes me happy to think that something that I made with my own two hands will be keeping my Londo family warm. Sigh.



  1. You are such a generous soul Phoebe. I'm sure they are all honored to have a quilt from you.

  2. That is such a fabulous reaction!! I love the groups shots and they are all such beautiful quilts :)