09 August 2012

For Cinzia

I've been back from Africa for a few days now and it has been a hard transition home. Partly because I can't get my body back on a US schedule, partly because a big chunk of my heart was left in the bush. If I didn't have puppies and family and friends, I would have shimmied up a marula tree and refused to leave. And one of the few things that is getting me through (apart from puppies and family and friends) is that we are already counting the days until we go back. 354, in case you're interested. . .

This is the third of the quilts I made for our southern hemisphere family. This one is for Cinzia. She's the teacher at Londolozi. She's lovely. I didn't get a chance to get to know her last year so was happy that this year we were fast friends. She's great at planning surprise scavenger hunts and making play-doh and capturing animal tracks in cement. She's even more fun hanging out around a fire with cocktails late into the night. I adore her. I can see her sweet face and hear her laugh now. And I hope she keeps her promise to come see us soon in the States.
The pattern is Tula Pink's Kiss Kiss. All fabric except the large chunk of persimmon colored linen is from Anna Maria Horner's Loulouthi line. This one was tons of fun and came together fairly quickly. I know that while we were there that it was already used for afternoon movie snuggle time. That makes my heart happy.

Love you Cinzia. We're all counting the days. . .

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  1. Beautiful quilt! I adore that fabric and you chose a great pattern. Hope you feel back on schedule soon :)