12 August 2012

For Caven

Number 4 of 5 - the quilt for Caven. Caven (pronounced with a short a, as in apple) is the butler for our lodge, although calling him a butler seems silly to me (possibly because the idea of me having a butler seems ridiculous). He has a billion watt smile which you'll see later when I finally get around to posting pictures of the quilts being handed over. He makes BY FAR the best gin and tonics I've ever had and never lets you run dry. He teaches us words in Shangaan, some of which are not so nice and get me shocked looks from the chefs. And when that happens, he scoots away giggling. He has a way of saying "pleasure" as in "my pleasure" which we've imitated for the last year because it's so endearing. You fall in love with him in seconds flat. AND he has a gorgeous wife named Mercyful. (Could you just die from how awesome that name is???) He's promised us twin babies by next year so that sounds like more quilts to me. . .

The pattern for this came from the Modern Quilts Illustrated #2 magazine from Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr. All prints on the front are Curious Nature by David Butler of Parson Gray. The solid is Kona Pepper. It's almost black with just a touch of blue. (Hint - wash it first or use a Shout Color Catcher. I used two and I was glad because man, does that stuff bleed.)

Backing fabric was a sheet from Target.  Hoorah for that. Once I got down to the wire, I ran out of time to piece backs but this fabric was perfect. Quilting was easy organic wavy lines.
And the label. I've blurred out everyone's names except ours because I don't want to post them all over the interwebs. But I wanted to show you the labels I used for these which may become my staple as soon as I can find printable fabric that I like. Seems to be a task. And you can see the super fun fabric on the back.
Also wanted to introduce you to a new friend, Francine. She was a gift for James when we arrived and she insisted on coming out on game drives with us. Cheeky girl.

And yes, it was that cold. And doesn't the wind do nice things for my hair??

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