20 October 2009

Holy smokes, ya'll

Yesterday I got an email from the woman who taught my quilting class about a potluck show-n-tell that she's hosting in December. (I got the impression that she mainly wants to show off her house all tarted up for Christmas, but hey! I'm all about that. I get it. I love Christmas decorations. Maybe this year I'll gather up the courage and some unbreakable ornaments and try the same thing.) So it got me thinking - if I went, what would I show? Little unfinished scraplets of projects? As much as I love to think about quilting and look at books about quilting and shop for quilting, it seems that knitting has been taking up most of my crafty time. I know I've explained this before but I like to spend my time with my boy & my puppies in the evening. Knitting lets me settle in on the couch and do that. Time with my sewing machine does not. Fortunately, a new crop of video games is being released this week just in time for holiday shopping. The boy loves to play video games (thanks Xbox360!) and the puppies like to snuggle up with him while he does so this is my time to head off to the studio to work.

When I planned this quilt, I decided to assemble nine squares that would be five blocks by five blocks. I've struggled a bit along the way (and in the process learned a lot) but I was down to my last square last night. I thought I'd make the last square and then put them all together another day. I think the email from Sandy must have lit a little fire because once I finished the last block I wondered what two blocks would look like together. And then four. And then at that point, a girl might as well just do it. I can't believe I really finished the top last night. I made Scott come in and inspect it. We clipped it to hangers and put it on the wall so we could see it in all its glory. I keep walking into the bedroom this morning just to look at it.

I don't know that I'd change much about it. There is one fabric in there that I'm not crazy about and if I had to do it all again, I think I'd dump that one and add more of that crazy zig-zag. I love those squares!! And I worried along the way that it was a bit much to look at but now that I see it all together, I'm as pleased as I could possibly be. Now for the back. I have a brilliant plan that I'm going to start working on tonight to see if I can pull it off. I don't want to be too clever about it and cause myself more frustration, but I don't it to be boring either. I'll reveal more as it comes together.

And as always, can't resist these two. We've had lots of problems in this house keeping puppy beds for very long. I hate to do a commercial but these Kong beds have been great. They appear to be chewproof, which we need for these two toothy little monkeys. And they're big enough for them to snuggle comfortably, which is nice as the weather gets chillier.

p.s. More knitting pics soon. I've got a few projects clicking along on those needles.

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  1. We had the same prob with chewing beds- and we were sold on the same bed by our local petstore. The distributor was even in the store when we bought it- and said we'd get a full refund if it wasn't chew proof. We got our full refund within two hours after they destroyed it the second I put it on the floor. I don't think they'll be asking for us to do a commercial anytime soon.