10 October 2009

Home again

I've finally returned from all of my travels and glad to be in one place for a while (I hope). North Carolina was great. Odd how much that state is starting to feel like home since it seems I spend most of my out-of-town time there. It's an absolutely beautiful state and this week did not disappoint.
Fall has arrived there. I know it's not visible in this picture but leaves are turning all over the place. The mountains were washed in yellows, oranges and reds.
We visited the neighbourhood where my employers (who might as well be family) are building a new home. It's simply gorgeous there. This is the view from their lot looking down the mountain at the lake. Lots of trees, dead quiet, lovely. I'd love to spend a week with nothing to do but knit and read and nap. I often dream of vacations like that but they never come to fruition. This place that would force those sorts of days on you though.

It's about a twenty minute drive to the closest town. The company I work for was planning a development there until the market crashed. The idea was to have a retail area with artists cabins and eateries and little mountain bungalows behind. At this point, the retail has been built out but the bungalow idea has been shelved for now. Brookings is a fishing and outdoor lifestyle shop that has moved to our property. A local artist traded us four of these fantastic, hand carved fish for a fly rod and a pair of pants.
I've not met him so I don't know if the "hand did" is an affectation or not, but I love it anyway. Lets you know you're in the South.
And outside the shop was this vibrant bush -
All who know me know that I have a black thumb. I can kill a plant just by looking at it for too long. I'm always impressed with myself when I can identify a plant by name. This one escapes me but the red was stunning against the grey skies and drizzle. And speaking of grey skies and drizzle, I finally got to wear a jacket! and scarf!! Which leads me to these bits of scrumminess -
Don't they just make you want to weep? We found them in a little shop in Brevard called Charlotte's Fibers. That shop was an unexpected gem. I'm not sure what will become of the one on top but that autumnal bit of fiery orange on the bottom is going to be my very first cable knit scarf. I finally gathered up the strength and courage to try cables this week and it's not that hard. HOORAH! This tiny bit of knowledge opens up so many possibilities. . .

So I'm back home where the high is supposed to be 90 degrees today. Which makes me feel like crazy times for wanting to knit an orange wool cable scarf, but oh well. Maybe South Carolina will catch up to North Carolina soon. . .

Happy weekend!

P.S. As usual, I can't resist a cute puppy face. Meet The Lady Ling Ling, my dog niece from the wilds of Montana. I miss her (and her mom - even with those shoes. . .) terribly already!!

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