01 February 2012

Ahhhh. Finishing.

Here's my first big finished project of 2012. Not the one I really need to be working on but my sewing machine was illin' - and not in a good 1980s way but in a way where it was making a crunchy sort of noise and was sometimes sewing on its own. . . Yikes. So I shuttled it off to be repaired last weekend and all seems to be right with the world again. Now I can get back to the big queen sized quilt that I need to sandwich and quilt and bind. The Christmas present that I haven't quite finished yet. (Love you Kelly!!!)

In the meantime, I felt more comfortable piecing together a little quilt. Figured I probably couldn't mess this one up too badly and it went so quickly. These were all blocks left over from this quilt that I made last summer. I started it last Tuesday and finished it last night. Happy. And my goal was to finish it before the end of the month and it was in the dryer before midnight last night. This little quilt will be going to a charity called Covering South Carolina Kids, an organization that distributes quilts to children in hospitals and medical centers all over the state. I definitely have several more donation quilts in me this year.

And can I just tell you how much I love Shout Color Catchers??? I know that I would have had red splotches all over this quilt and it came out with nary a smudge anywhere. I heard that there was some report that they didn't do anything but I always use them and they always come out some different color than when I put them in the wash. In this case it was red. Saved me, I know.

I have a hat to show you too but I think that will have to wait for tomorrow.  Time for me to go help with dinner.

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