23 February 2012

Lulu's dots

I've known and adored my good friend Lulu for more years than either of us are happy to admit. We met in eighth grade and though appearances would lead you to believe that we wouldn't be friends - she was preppy, I was the one with the partially shaved head - we were pretty instant pals. In high school, if you'd asked her favorite color, she would have told you plaid. (She had this FANTASTIC outfit that consisted of plaid pants and a matching plaid jacket. You can't fault her for it. It was the eighties. I seem to remember it was Esprit but I could me making that part up.) We lost touch after high school. I thought of her often.

Cut to an undisclosed number of years later and I started work for a   major retailer in their corporate offices. It was my second day on the job and I was going through my predecessor's old files and I ran across Lulu's name. WHAT??? She has an unusual last name so I knew it had to be MY Lulu. I asked one of my new coworkers about it and it turned out that she worked just down the hall. Oh happy days! It was wonderful to find her and fall in love with her all over again. We've been friends now for years and even though I'm in South Carolina and she's in Atlanta, we do a pretty decent job of keeping in touch and seeing each other when we can. I miss her terribly and wish we were geographically closer always. Although that could be dangerous, especially to my liver. . .

My dear quilty friend Alice from whom I "borrow" many ideas made a quilt like this last year. I took one look at it and knew I had to make it and who would be on the receiving end when it was all done. It was a bit more difficult than I was anticipating but I'm happy with how it turned out. And I think Lulu was happy too.

And yes Lulu, I know dots don't go with plaids. Hopefully you can make it work anyway.


  1. To my Phoebe,
    I LOVE my quilt and love my bestest friend!
    And yes - I am still mad for plaid!
    Kisses, Lulu
    P.S. please give xoxoxox to my Roscoe!