20 February 2012

One down, one to go

Here's quilt finish number 1 of the weekend. This baby is going my sweet little friend Liam, who is two and a half. I made this quilt for his new sister several months ago but just delivered it in January. When Liam saw it, his eyes widened and he said "oooh. pretty." and then proceeded to plop himself on the floor and roll around on it. I decided that Liam needed a quilt of his own.

All of the prints are scraps from baby quilt 2 which I'll show you in the next few days. The prints are from a line called Safari Baby by Carina Gardiner for Northcott Fabrics. The solids were from my stash.

And this backing fabric was initially purchased for baby quilt 2 but works better here.  I had an idea for that solid strip in the back that was much different in my head but I was really pleased at the way it ended up. The rest of the quilt feels so ordered that I liked the randomness of it. And no pattern was used. The idea came from a conversation with my sweet friend Alice about a quilt that she'd seen on another blog. I never could find the blog but her sketch got my brain whirring. It's 52" square with all of the print squares finishing at 4" each. Super easy. I just had to make sure that no two squares of the same print were touching.

The best part about this quilt and the one I'll show you next? I started cutting them on the 4th and finished both (apart from hand stitching binding on the 2nd one) in 15 days. That's kind of a record for me. Seriously. Full time jobs kinda get in the way of being a full time quilter. Can't a girl win the lottery or something???



  1. You are so sweet to share your talent. Can't wait to see number two.

  2. So cute!
    wouldn't being a full time quilter be amazing?!!

  3. oh, i'd like nothing better. i just totalled up my scary to-do list of quilts for 2012 and i still have 21 i want to do. this year. YIKES.

  4. Lucky boy and baby! Yeah, winning the lottery would help!