18 February 2012

Work in progress

I'm no good at documenting works in progress. I have the feeling that nobody really wants to see a block here or there of an unfinished something. I know this is crazy because lots of people show things underway. There is the whole "process pledge" thing. I just don't do it very often. Which means that my blog is quiet a lot even when I'm super busy. And at the moment, I am.

I finished a quilt this week that I started back in September. I can't show it yet because it hasn't arrived at its new home yet but that should happen early this week and then it's fair game. And I'm this close to finishing two other baby quilts. I quilted one today and just have to finish up the binding and will quilt the other tomorrow. Then I'm not allowed to touch another quilty thing until I've finished my sister-in-law's Christmas present. (Kelly, I still love you. And I'm sorry I'm a slacker.) It's the biggest thing I've ever quilted myself and it is as intimidating as hell. I'll finish it too though because I have an insane laundry list of projects ahead of me that I'm crazy excited about.

So the little stars above - they're the start of a quilt for my sorta nephew. This was a quilt that I was completely obsessed with last year at this time. You know - the one that inhabits your every waking moment? I did the math and graphed it all out, collected the fabrics, spent a few hours with my Go Baby, made one star and then packed it away. I kept meaning to go back to it but the baby mill happening last year kind of knocked everything else off of my list. So I'm back on this one. My goal is that whenever I pull out my machine, I have to make two of these stars. Not a huge time commitment since all of the fabrics are cut. The stars above will make one row, with sashing. Only six more rows and a border to go.  "Inspiration" - or the place from where I totally ripped this off- is here.

Off for hand stitching. More so very soon.

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