09 August 2009


The picture is no indication of how incredible last night was. When I was going to lots of concerts as a teen, "no cameras" was printed on concert tickets so it doesn't occur to me to take one. While everyone else was snap snapping away, I was doing my best to capture the moment with my iPhone.

Let me gush for just a moment. I do believe that last night may have been the best concert I've ever attended. The venue was small and intimate, relatively speaking. The band was amazing. They sounded just as crisp and clear as they do on recordings. The lead singer, Guy, was personable and told stories and joked with the crowd. You felt like you wanted to go get a drink with him after the concert. And - AND!!! - during the last song, he looked in my direction, I blew him a kiss and he blew me one right back. Sigh. I've always had a thing for English musicians. I wouldn't trade the boy I went with for even one minute, but sigh. . . . How could you not swoon over a man who wrote these lyrics -
Don't look down
Keep staring like you've never seen the stars
If you need me to remind you who you are
Little blossom there's the shiniest soul
Just behind those eyes
- even if they are from a song about a failed relationship. I had to buy a tshirt to prove that I was there, that I heard of them first. (Sorry. Bad Cake reference.)

Also, lots of great shopping happened yesterday. Not so much buying but window shopping and people watching, two of our favourite pastimes. And boy, did we get eyes full! And the best fish tacos on the planet from LaFonda. Last few stops on our whirlwind tour are Ikea and my brother's new house. We just got here and it's time to go again already. Never enough time to do it all. And not enough time to get bored with it either. Like Goldilocks. Not too much. Not too little. Just right.

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