17 August 2009

Is it? Could it be??

I know that it's only wishful thinking on my part but doesn't this tree look like autumn is right around the corner? I spotted it today at the mega-hardware store and had to take a picture. Just looking at it made me feel like the day was ten degrees cooler. Reminds me of getting excited because school was starting and laying out your outfit for the first day. (And for me, probably rearranging my school supplies for the umpteenth time.) That excitement about school was always so short lived though. It died right about the time I got my first home work assignment.

This picture is just some random craziness but I love it. There is a farmer's market type stand and ultra bizarre garden statuary a few blocks away from us. I pass these guys every day and they're always lined up so nice and straight, displaying whatever lovely thing is fresh that day.

Anyway, it's a good start to a week that has been stressing me out for a while now.

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