08 August 2009

Shivery bristly anticipation

I'm so excited. I'm getting to see one of my favourite bands tonight. One that I told Scott that we were traveling to see when they were next in the US. (I told him the same thing about Radiohead and I made good on my promise - threat? - last May and we drove to Charlotte, NC. One of the drawbacks of Charleston is that not many bands play there.) I had one opportunity to see Elbow before. They came to Atlanta in 2002 a few months after I discovered them. They were scheduled to play a tiny club downtown which was the perfect place. I went with a friend and we showed up and waited through the not-so-great opening band only to be told that the lead singer was suffering from laryngitis and wouldn't be able to sing. The consolation was that the band would still play and they would invite random concertgoers to join them on stage and sing along. At first I was perturbed. I'd been so excited to see this band, not a karaoke show. It turned out to be fairly entertaining. And before you ask, no, I didn't sing. No one needs to hear that. Anyway, the show ended. I had an amusing tale to tell and I figured that I'd see them on their next tour. They released a second album. No dates in the southeast. A third album. Still nothing. I'd given up hope. A fourth album came out last year. Even Scott loved this one. A few months ago he called me on my way home from a quilting class to tell me that he'd read online that ELBOW WAS COMING!!! And so close to my birthday too! So we bought tickets and here I sit today in shivery bristly anticipation. First we're going to do some shopping. We're in a town with real stores and malls. Oh how I miss a mall. . . . (The other drawback of Charleston is that the mega store shopping is really limited. Independent boutiques are nice but sometimes you need to get your big shop on.) I feel like I'm 15 all over again. Except now I have the boy of my dreams by my side.

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