18 April 2011

Busy bee

Here's project #1.  These are sweet little balls going to two babies - one on the way and one that has been here a few weeks.  A woman in one of my quilting groups makes these with scraps that she has left over from making a baby quilt and gives them with the quilt to the new baby.  (I feel like I typed "quilt" and "baby" too much in that last sentence. . .)  The pink ball will go with this quilt that I finished last month.  The blue one will go to new baby Perry in North Carolina along with these burp cloths -

This hat is vexing me. This is the third start. It's going to be super cute if I can pay attention enough not to lose a stitch somewhere along the way.

And here is what I've been working on non-stop since last week. I've changed the pattern slightly in my head from what was suggested on the PurlBee website. You'll see when it's all done, which at the rate I'm going shouldn't be too much longer.

Because of all of the crazy nonstop knitting, I only made one block of 35 for the quilt top that has been rolling around in my brain. Not even a dent really. And I have a new obsession - hexagons.  I'm thinking about a quilt.

Oh no. Save me.


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