13 April 2011

Moving right along

Here's the progress on the blanket I started last week.  I dragged it to a tennis tournament this weekend where I'm sure everyone around me thought I was crazy.  I'd be much further along but the pattern is kind of vague and it basically tells you how many they cast on but you can do whatever you want.  I'm all for tweaking a pattern to fit but sometimes the first attempt gets scrapped.  And then it's been a while since I picked up stitches on the side of bound off work and the instructions that I found to do that weren't quite right either so the red patch wasn't playing nicely with her neighbours.  More ripping out.  Fortunately, this is just rows and rows and rows of garter stitch so it doesn't break your knitting spirit to rip out and start again.  Pretty pleased with it so far.  It's exactly the kind of totally addicting thing of which I can see myself making many more.  After I finish hats.  And the sweater.

And this.  I must get to work on this -

I need an assistant.

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