30 April 2011

How I Spent My Saturday Morning

By Phoebe A. Harrell, Age 39

Oh, those things are bad.  I totally see a quilt in my future.

So this is how I've spent the last three hours.  On my sofa, in pjs, with coffee and puppies and needle and thread and four - yes four - episodes of the Gilmore Girls on DVD.  I just finished the first season.  It's corny but it makes me happy.  (I think I have a little girl crush on Lauren Graham.  I'm going to blame it on Parenthood.)

Mean old boy is making me rustle my bones off of the couch now and go to the gym.  And my sweet friend Tamie pointed out that I was spending lots of times with those little hexies when I should be knitting.  Hats.  Six of them.  So maybe I'll knit when I get home.  I'm looking forward to a long wonderful day of making things.  Bliss.

Hope you're having a Saturday doing exactly what you'd like too.


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