24 July 2011

I heart Cape Town

Sadly, we're starting to wrap up our visit in Cape Town - only two more days to go.  It is an amazing city.  It hasn't grabbed me in quite the same way as our days at Londolozi but it is truly beautiful here and - as with most coastal cities I've visited - I'd move here in a heartbeat.  

It has been unbelievably windy for the last 24 hours.  For most of last night it sounded like the roof was about to be taken from the villa where we're staying so I'm wondering how wise the hike up Table Mountain that we have scheduled for today will be.  I've asked our local expert so we'll see what the day will bring.  If not climbing, then shopping.  Either way I'm happy.  

Here's the latest round of lovely.  More tomorrow if we make it up the mountain.
James and the confused clown fish at the Two Oceans Aquarium.
A crazy sculpture made entirely out of Coca Cola crates for the World Cup.
Sculpture at the Victoria and Alfred waterfront shopping center.
Predator birds exhibit at Spier Winery in Stellenbosch.
Waterford Estate Winery where we did a wine with chocolate tasting.  Ahhhhhhh. . . . 
Waterford Estate Winery
Marina in Hout Bay.  We were planning on going out to Duiker Island to see the seals but the water was too choppy.  Seasick is not a good way to start the day. . . 
. . . but we did get to see this guy feeding "his" seal.  The seal is 45 years old.  His human friend is much older.  The story we heard is that they've been pals for 27 years now and the seal regularly comes to hang out with his friend.  I'm guessing the fresh fish feedings don't hurt.
Hout Bay
Fishermen at the Cape of Good Hope
Lighthouse at Cape Point.  BRRRRRRRRRR.
Boulder Beach.  Look how hard the water is blowing off of the rock in the ocean.  It was freezing.
Penguins at Boulder Beach
Rockhopper penguins at the Two Oceans Aquarium
The ugliest fish you've ever seen.  He had an angry old man face.  You almost expected him to start complaining about those damn kids on his lawn.
The closest I ever want to be to a shark.  Yikes.

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