11 July 2011


I'm not sure if this qualifies as a fail but I didn't quite get all of the Farmer's Wife blocks done that I was planning.  If I followed the rules as set out, I think I'll still be caught up with everyone else for the 111 block goal, but I think I'll be behind for my 145 block goal.  That's ok.  I have some catch up time.  Most of them have been not too bad and I'm pretty happy with the way that they're turning out, except for this one -

I love this one!!!
And this one makes me pretty happy!  This is fabric I bought for my first quilting class so it's a throwback to . . .  two years ago.
They're not all winners.  This one is pretty ugly.  Oh well.
And here's my bonus block!  Thanks to my gorgeous, brilliant friend Tamie, I popped a border on that baby and I'm calling it block 112.  I think I'm back on the different blocks for 112 - 145 train.
 And I made this for my niece Chloe since she seems to have a thing for turtles - or so her daddy says.
Oh no!  Flip it over!
And I made this iPad cover for my trip!  I said some not so nice words when trying to figure out the elastic band that holds it closed but I'm happy with the end result. Works great so far.  We're at the airport now.
And here's the back.  Love that spiral!!
And last, but not least, here are the hats I made for the eight travelers on our trip.  I think the yellow one is mine. . .

Next stop - South Africa!!!!


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