15 July 2011

Safari baby!

This won't be a wordy post because the pictures really speak for themselves so I'll just put little captions on.  But we are having an AMAZING time.  I've broken down three times because this place is so beautiful.  The elephant below walking up to Scott came right up to our vehicle and almost put his trunk on Margeaux's head.  So much soul in those eyes.

And, this morning, I was taught how to spit impala dung.  (Think spitting watermelon seeds.)  I was the only one of our group who was stupid brave enough to do it.  I could stay here forever. . .

More to come.

He was really this close.  Scott could've reached out and touched him with no effort. 


Headed out at 6am for the morning drive.

Shorty the Leopard.  We followed him for a long time. 

Shorty taking a sunny nap.

White rhino

Melvin (our guide) and Milton (our tracker) preparing our morning coffee break.  Special drink is coffee, hot chocolate and a bit of liqueur called Amarula.  Seriously delicious.

Melvin teaching James how to play elephant poop soccer.

Scott and his new BFF.

Hippos just outside our camp


  1. Thanks!! And they aren't 1/100 as amazing as this place really is.