26 July 2011

Totsiens! Ons sal jou baie mis!

According to the interwebs, that means "Goodbye.  I will miss you." in Afrikaans.  (If it means something else, forgive me.  I haven't picked up the Rosetta Stone for Afrikaans yet. . .)  This is the sunset outside our room last night.  I'm sad to be leaving today because I know that there is so much left undone.  I told a friend yesterday that while we've been here, I've eaten too much and shopped too much but I wouldn't change a minute of it.  (My jeans and my bank account might disagree.)

This has been the most stellar trip I've ever made.  There are already rumblings of coming back next year.  Who knows if that will come to fruition but I'll cross my fingers and say a little prayer because I love this place with all my heart.

I'll be back to quilty and knitty subjects soon.

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  1. Thanks for all the wonderful posts. It almost felt that I was there with you :) OK, maybe not, but it's probably the closest I'll ever get!