06 May 2011

Happy Friday!

I know. I know. I should be working right now. But I wanted to share my new little desk buddy with you. He is making me all kinds of happy this morning, even though its cloudy and grey outside my office window. I’ve been trying so hard to de-stuff-ify my life, but he was sooooo cute at the toy store yesterday. And how much do you love that teeny tiny bowl of kibble? These are the itty-est blocks I’ve ever seen. (So that you get the idea of how itty, the little guy is only 2” tall at the tips of his ears.) So now he’s sitting on my windowsill and keeping me company while I do research on our trip and pay bills. Hoorah.

And I thought I should finally report back with this. Don't you hate it when you spend so much time making something and then you're totally unthrilled with the end result?? This blanket was that project for me. I was so fired up to do it but so completely uninspired by the end that it has been sitting for nearly two weeks waiting for me to weave in the ends.  Sad. And I couldn't even be bothered to block it although I know how much it would benefit.  Oh well.  I think the recipient likes it.  It is unbelievably soft and has a nice weight.  I think my issue is that I really hate that goldfish color.  I knew it from the moment I started with it but I thought it would grow on me.  Wrong.  Bleh.

I'm looking forward to another Saturday with nothing on my calendar except lots of craftiness.  And maybe a bit more Gilmore Girls. . .

Hope you're planning a good weekend too!

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