29 May 2011

I'm bursting at the zipper!!

Tamie, I hope you're not too mad at me. I know that we've been talking about attempting zippers together, but yesterday I got the burning desire to go for it. I went to the store, bought a zipper, pulled up this tutorial and got started. I learned a few things along the way - 1. Zippers really aren't anything to be scared of and 2. I need to read each instruction all the way through, not just the first sentence while I'm checking out the picture. Because of lesson number 2, I spent some friendly time with my seam ripper. But it's all good because I AM IN LOVE.  
Seriously, isn't it the cutest thing? The doxie fabric is from a sleeve of Munki Munki pajamas by Heather Ross. (If you don't know about this phenomenon, these pajamas are absurdly expensive and the fabric from which they are made is only produced for the pajamas. You can't buy yardage so people buy the pajamas, tear them up into arms, legs, panels, whatever and sell the bits off. And I, for one, am glad they do.) I've been saving this knowing that the right project would come along and here it was. And the blue polka dotted fabric came from the dog groomer yesterday. Serendipity.
And that fabric on the inside? Perfect. Stepped outside the zone and picked something that wasn't matchy and it's PERFECT. Love it too. What you can't see (and what nobody but me will ever know) is that the diamonds match up perfectly on the inside. Didn't mean for it to happen. The sewing gods were just smiling upon me.
I also finished another hat and a quilt this weekend. Here's a sneaky of the quilt before binding last night. The picture is not great but it's what I could do with the nighttime lighting in my living room. You'll have to wait for better pictures of both because I haven't been able to get them yet. And it's only Sunday afternoon. I still have a night and another whole day (bliss!) of this lovely long crafty weekend left to go.  Lots more pics to come!!

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