31 May 2011

Well that was disappointing. . .

I've had the fabric to make this garment bag for my wedding dress since last August. But I was scared of laminated fabric (rightly so) and zippers. My rousing success with the zippered bag on Saturday gave me the confidence to finally tackle this project. I mean, how hard could it be really?

I hope that if you click on this picture, you can't see too many details because this is a janky bunch of mess. Seriously. It's awful. I won't mention any names (because I love her) but the writer of the pattern is an incredible fabric designer but her patterns are miserable. Maybe it's just me. Maybe I don't have the skillz to read patterns like this. Maybe I should stick to quilting. This is the second thing I've made from one of her patterns though and I'm about to swear off and be happy just to love her fabric. The instructions were incredibly unclear to me. I had to read them over and over and then hope that I was doing the right thing in a few places. And there were diagrams for some of the steps but not for all - and the ones that were lacking were pretty confusing steps.

I've learned never to say never but this may be my last project with laminated fabric. I can say with all confidence that I will never use laminated fabric for binding ever again. GRRRRR. The stitching there is awful. It drags on the feed dogs in places and then inexplicably zips along in others. And I had a few other projects on my to-do list yesterday but this one took hours and hours. So much more than I was anticipating. I needed a cocktail after.

Anyway, it's pretty from a distance. My wedding dress now has a nice garment bag. One more thing checked off the list.

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