22 May 2011

Sunday sneak peeks

It's been a crazy week, topped off with a birthday party for a soon-to-be 4 year old this weekend, and today I've been trying hard to relax and catch up at the same time. My day has slipped away too quickly and I don't have nearly as much done as I had hoped but progress is progress I suppose. This little one WILL be done this week. It's the power of positive thinking, people!!

And here's what I'll hopefully be finishing up tonight when Donald fires his final celebrity apprentice - another hat.   (No. I'm not proud of my addiction to reality TV, but there it is. And I totally have the boy to blame thank for that addiction.) And crappy tv time makes for excellent knitting time.

And can I please give a quick thanks to DirecTV for the super crazy awesome Flashback New Wave channel. I give them an obscene amount of money each month. I'm really glad I get something out of it. . . But the music is all so awesome that it is totally keeping me chugging away at the sewing machine.

Hope you had a sunny, great weekend too.

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